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One of the really interesting aspects of our weed control R&D over the past six years has been the development of transformational misting techniques to further reduce the cost of large-scale weed control. We now have the ability to apply herbicide at specific rates that kill Prickly Acacia, but don’t harm the Coolibah and other native vegetation.

This has been one of those ‘overnight successes’ that are many years in the making. And to help roll that success out to more areas, we’ve recently taken delivery of our latest misting machine, a Hardi Zebra 600 fresh off the boat from Spain – thanks to the friendly crew at Vanderfield, Emerald.

Our old mister will be stationed at Eldorado near Stamford, for use by landholders in that northern part of our region, while the Zebra will be based out of Longreach and operate mainly in the eastern parts.