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The project will improve water quality in the headwaters of the Thomson River.

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This water quality project delivers a strategic approach to ensure clean water essential for community services. It also fosters improvements in waterway health.

The project will support the provision of social and economic activity by improving water quality in the headwaters of the Thomson River for town water supply, recreation, fishing, agriculture and tourism. The improvement to water quality will be achieved through weed control, which will use a combination of conventional and innovative weed control techniques. This will be followed by adaptive methods to restore the riparian areas to native vegetation, using a combination of fencing, seeding or natural regeneration.

The locations required for the treatment will be targeted in key areas. This, combined with support from subject landholders, ensures ongoing support and maintenance of the work. These key areas include the eastern tributaries of the Thomson catchment including the Torrens Creek, Towerhill Creek and Aramac Creek focusing on the weeds influencing water quality.