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“People around my property are trying to eradicate prickly acacia so I need to try to stop it spreading downstream.”

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The field team working in a systematic formation to treat weeds.


While, in our vast region, it could take you more than half an hour to visit your neighbour to ask for a cup of sugar, it is important that communities work in a concerted effort to help manage weeds.

Desert Channels is working with the Barcaldine Regional Council to deliver this State Government funded project in the Barcaldine region. This programme is a community based approach which was developed by the Flinders Shire Council to help reduce the spread of prickly acacia.

A Case Study was completed as part of the DAF-led War on Western Weeds Initiative and involved 11 grazing properties and 1 council reserve north of Muttaburra surrounding the various catchments. This proved to be an effective approach to limiting the advance of weeds.

Many exclusion fences have been erected around the region and this is now an ideal time to introduce this follow up programme that will build landholder skills, capacity and capability and facilitate local employment. 

Dick Cribb

Prickly Acacia is native to the Indian sub continent and has the potential to grow readily across Queensland.

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