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As a region we are having some amazing rain the past few years and its such a joy after so many years of drought. As with nature, the good does come with the bad, and its the bad that needs to be acted on now, and throughout the wet season.
The rain will bring new growth and for many of the weeds in our region, the lack of competition from years of drought will mean they are the first away. Most often they will grow more quickly and race to set seed well before our native species, giving them a competitive edge for many years to come. Continued action will be the key, as will making sure that anyone who comes onto your property has vehicles and equipment properly washed down and stays within agreed areas.
In 2022 we have seen a surge in tourist’s, scientists, adventurers and general visitors to the region, and to properties. The cost of weed control is only getting more expensive and the risk of disease transmission continues to escalate. Landholders have a responsibility to control weeds, but everyone has a responsibility to ensure that we are not increasing risk or introducing weeds onto a property or into an area.
In our project areas you will see these signs starting to appear. Significant public and private money is being invested in the management of our regions natural resources and while there is always an interest in these areas and visiting can be exciting, their purpose is to remind visitors of their responsibilities, ensure that risk is understood and to ensure that investment is not undone.
Most of our weeds are easily transported by vehicles and so you could be leaving a massive clean up bill along with your visit. If we really care about our region and our natural environment it’s not that much to ask.