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We’re fortunate in our region to have landholders willing to try things, and it’s even more wonderful when their endeavours start to show results.
The journey for John Wearing as he’s trialled seeding of Mitchell grass has been an interesting one, and you can see some of his exploits in previous videos produced by DCQ at the below links.
John seeded a range of grass types, including Mitchell grass, to a variety of depths. With the summer rain the plants are now leaping out of the ground. We know this will be of interest to a lot of other landholders tackling similar problems.
The video that covers in greater detail the achievements to date, you can see from the photo (February 2022) that he is well on the path to fast track the recovery of some of his areas.
This is a project supported by the Australian National Landcare Program, Sustainable Agriculture Project and John has generously given up his time in the past to talk to other landholders about his successes and challenges.
Congratulations to John on his success. See the video below:
John and Janine Wearing own and operate an aggregation of properties in the Hughenden region, including Eversleigh, 21,000 hectares of Mitchell Grass and Channels. In a project partnership with DCQ, John is fencing some of his channel country and has found that Wet Season Spelling has changed his mindset.