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When you think of our region, well named the Desert Channels Region, you don’t normally associate it with some of our more coastal plants and animals due to our low rainfall and large area of desert country.
But in the north of our region, we have hills, and trees and all manner of special plants and animals. At one of our work sites the DCQ field team and local landholders have been battling a huge infestation of rubber vine over multiple years and following chemical control, fire and some great stewardship by the landholders to get the grass and native plant recovering, our monitoring cameras picked up this little one on an adventure.
The Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is one of our native marsupials and normally at home in trees but occasionally they come down to earth to move around and find new trees. Koalas are found in the eastern part of the region in small numbers but this is the first time we have found one in the work areas. Living for up to 18 years it’s a welcome sign that the recovery is well underway and a great reward to all involved for the huge amount of effort to get the sites to this stage.