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Students from the Aramac State School got to build on their class learning program with a field visit to the property Ravenswood, near Aramac.

Here, a rare and threatened species, the Edgbaston Goby is making a comeback thanks to a new wetland built with funding from the DCQ Foundation.

The wetland site, constructed close to a bore drain which is one of the few remaining habitats of this small fish, is providing a breeding site free from predators. With only 610 adults left globally, the site is an important link in the recovery of this special fish and is also providing additional habitat for rare plants also found at the site.
The students, from years 7 to 10, had the opportunity to put into practice the theory they have been learning in school, see how ecosystems function in the wild and how, through careful planning and the contribution of many people, a positive impact can be made on the future of these special species. That it is occurring in their own backyard makes it extra special.

It is always a pleasure to host these kinds of events when we have such engaged and interested students. The future of science in the region certainly looks bright.