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E-Beef project officers Kate Paterson, Desert Channels Queensland’s (DCQ) and Leanne Hardwick, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) held two paddock-walk field days in early 2021. The first, ‘A Paddock Walk in the Gidgee’ was held at Gydia Park, Isisford on the 17th of March with DAF’s pasture expert, Jenny Milson. The second event; ‘Nutting out nutrition: taking control’ was held at Hillview, Muttaburra on the 8th of April with nutrition expert Désirée Jackson (Désirée Jackson Livestock Management). Both days were initiated in response to interest in pasture and grazing land management and animal nutrition. The days were extremely successful with great feedback from producers that will allow us to improve the days further in the future.

At the ‘Paddock Walk in the Gidgee’, attendees heard from DAF’s Jenny Milson, followed by meaningful discussions with other producers as they walked through the paddock and learn from each other. The day was well planned by Dick and Kate; producers got to drive around and have a look at many different country types on Gydia Park, followed by lunch at the yards. Those who wanted to stay on were then able to go and look at some Mulga country.

Producer interest on the day was in:

  • Mitchell grass response,
  • feed budgeting,
  • pasture and toxic weed identification,
  • productivity on gidgee country and
  • planting of Mitchell grass.

The ‘Nutting out nutrition: taking control’ day at Hillview, Muttaburra was with Desiree Jackson and focused on phosphorus deficiencies and meeting your animals’ needs for productivity. The day began with basic nutrition information in the shed followed by a walk in the paddock and then further nutrition discussions were held back in the shed.

Highlighted interest from the day included:

  • The implications of phosphorus deficiency
  • Using soil, water, pasture and dung analyses to test for phosphorus levels
  • The use of dung samples to tailor supplementation to requirements
  • Possibly take proactive approach to feeding through use of dung sampling to maintain production levels
  • Pasture identification and assessment regarding protein and energy levels


More of these events are planned in the future, tailoring the days to local districts and producer needs. Keep your eye out on the DCQ facebook page.