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Landholders from Muttaburra to Windorah, Boulia and Urandangi have been working on improving degraded country, and stopping erosion.
With workshops and demonstrations funded by the Australia Government’s National Landcare, and Sustainable Agriculture Programs the enthusiasm of landholders was exceptionally high. Daryl Hill, a passionate leader in this field, and someone known to many people throughout the region, again demonstrated his years of learnings.
What was particularly pleasing, from the November 2022 activities, was the almost immediate application of the concepts with plans for over 10,000 acres on one property alone. With the unsettled weather, we are in the fortunate situation of seeing the works in action already. They have trapped the water, holding it long enough to get infiltration and stopping the water from eroding across the landscape. With the predicted good season ahead, these sites should, with careful stewardship, race to recovery.