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DCQ Digital Rain Gauge Network

Once upon a time, rain gauge data was only available to the scientific elite. Now, with the help of DCQ’s new program, everybody can access it.

IoT rain gauge devices from GoannaAg are being used to collect accurate, high-quality precipitation measurements and the data is then compiled by DCQ. Using the Myriota satellite network, DCQ is able to share, in near real time, this information with our community.

Rainfall data can be used for better decision making around operational activities such as when to expect optimal spraying conditions, when fire risk is high or when treatments such as tebuthiuron should be applied for best uptake.

GoRainSat automatic rain gauges, supplied by GoannaAg.com.au are being placed across the region.  They automatically send data over the Australian Myriota network to a central platform. This is displayed below.