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Qantas fly from Brisbane daily. You can take the Sunday or Monday flight to get there in time for the conference.

The Sunday flight departs Brisbane at 2.45pm and arrives at 4pm.

The Monday flight departs Brisbane at 9am and arrives at 11.10am.

Flights depart at 2.30pm Thursday, 12.30 pm Friday, 12.30pm Saturday and 4.20pm Sunday.

Please book your flights early as they will fill up.

Rex Airlines fly twice a week from Townsville on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Start your Outback Queensland experience  onboard the Spirit of the Outback, a journey through ever-changing scenery and rugged terrain between Brisbane and Longreach.

With blue summer skies and rich golden soil to be seen into the horizon, the Spirit of the Outback provides the perfect opportunity to explore in comfort as the outback comes to life in front of your eyes. The train leaves Brisbane on Saturday afternoon and will have you there on Sunday afternoon.


Longreach is located in the heart of Queensland and is approximately a 7 hour drive from Mt Isa, Townsville and Rockhampton while it is 12 hours from Brisbane. It is generally an easy drive but places to refuel can be quite a distance so plan your stops.

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