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Desert Channels Foundation

How do we preserve this amazing landscape?


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Desert Channels Foundation is the public fund of the community-based not-for-profit Desert Channels Queensland, an environmental organisation.  We work with individuals, communities, businesses, governments and other not-for-profits, to protect the precious and amazing native species and spectacular landscapes of the Queensland section of the Lake Eyre Basin.

The Foundation’s vision is that our inland river catchments are preserved, productive and secure…for all…forever.

Our mission is stoking the passion for the Lake Eyre Basin; conserving its natural and cultural values and enhancing its productivity. Desert Channels Foundation was formed in early 2009 and harnesses the generosity and goodwill of people around Australia.  Thanks to you, we have funded research for the endangered Night Parrot, partnered in the rehabilitation of habitat for the threatened Julia Creek Dunnart and produced education and awareness videos for the many visitors to the region. We are a small organisation, but we believe you don’t have to be big to be effective.  And neither do your donations.  Your contribution, no matter how small will help us continue our work and achieve our vision


We work with the current and traditional owners of the land to protect Australia’s unique biodiversity and preserve its productivity. We do this by funding education, awareness, research and project activities to protect and preserve high conservation value areas, and best manage nature’s resources across the Queensland catchments of the Lake Eyre Basin. In short, we partner people. We believe that the greatest asset we have to preserve and protect our unique environment for current and future generations, is people.

Those best placed to make a real change in the way we do things, and ensure our native plants and animals can thrive, and our land and water remains healthy and productive, are the people on the ground. That’s why we partner with, and support, land managers to become the best possible custodians of our children’s future. We believe that by training, educating and empowering current land owners, we are, on the broadest possible scale, shoring up the health of our ecosystems, the future prospects of our native species, and the prosperity of our people.

Desert Channels Queensland is supported by the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme and the Queensland Government