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About the Conference

5th – 8th October – Longreach | Queensland

The NRM in the Rangelands Conference – shaping our future, 2021 conference saw a coming together of over 300 attendees, both in person and virtually to showcase and share emerging ideas and innovations that can collectively contribute to improving the condition of the Rangelands.

The conference was proudly hosted by Desert Channels Queensland ain partnership with the Australian Rangelands Society.


A Drought Hub for rangelands from central NSW to the Gulf – Roger Stone
Prospects for extending seasonal climate predictions beyond 1 year – Shamila Sur
Discussion Panel – David Cobon, Roger Stone, Sharmila Sur, Christa Pudmensky
Extreme climate forecasting tools for the northern red meat industry – Christa Pudmenzky
Enterprise choice and drought resilience in central-western Queensland – Mike Pratt
The Drought and Climate Adaptation Program – Neil Cliffe
Discussion Panel – David Phelps, Angus Whyte, Mike Pratt and Neil Cliffe
Drought Management – A Southern Rangeland Perspective – Angus Whyte
Building a social licence for the emerging carbon farming sector in the rangelands – Alex Baumber
Agriculture is Part of the Solution – Caroline Harris
Developing and Using Climate Products for Practice Change – Chelsea Jarvis
Discussion Panel – Alex Baumber, Chelsea Jarvis and Caroline Harris/td>
Measuring ground cover with satellite data: an overview of products – Rebecca Farrell
The E-Beef Project: Supporting the Grazing Community and the Environment- John McLaughlin
Determining antecedent pasture state for climate-resilient grazing across the rangelands – Jason Barnetson
Discussion Panel – John McLaughlin, Rebecca Barnetson & Jason Farrell
Adoption of Technology – Josh Nicholls & Chris Poole
Panel Discussion – Landholders’ experiences with practical management – Mike Pratt, Bob Shepherd, Angus White, James Henderson
Scaling up regeneration in the Rangelands – Graham Finlayson
Discussion Panel – Pieter Conradie, Bob Shepherd, Dionne Walsh, Graham Finlayson
The North Queensland Beef Industry Trifecta – Bob Shepherd
Are clean green rangelands enough?- Dalene Wray
The benefits for graziers of maintaining Dingoes – David Pollock
Discussion Panel – Dionne Walsh, Angus Emmott and Morgan Gronold,
The fence that’s saving the outback – Morgan Gronold
Opportunities to build resilience of beef cattle properties in the Mulga Lands – Maree Bowen
Investigating the spread and impact of Indian couch in Queensland – Nicole Speigel
Grazing Systems: 30 Years of Change in Australia – Terry McKosker
The Queensland land condition monitoring program – Terry Beutel
Land condition assessment tool (LCAT) – Rob Hassett
Managing sustainably and profitably in a highly variable climate – Peter O’Regain
Spelling strategies for recovery of poor land condition – Paul Jones
AgCarE – Natural Capital Certification for Landscape Resilience – Greg Leach
Discussion Panel – Pieter Conradie, Peter O’Reagain, Paul Jones
/td> Discussion Panel – Pieter Conradie, Terry Beutel, Rob Hassett and Greg Leach
Discussion Panel – Dionne Walsh, Alison Kain, Wendy Williams and John Leys
Was 2019/20 the dustiest year since 1944/45 in New South Wales? – John Leys
; Quality Graze: turning off beef while improving land condition in Central Australia – Alison Kain & Chris Materne
Biocrust hotspots for grazing management and biodiversity in northern Australia – Wendy Williams
Great Expectations – A landscape scale approach to rangeland recovery – Simon Wiggins
ESRM planning, delivering NRM action and direction through collaboration – Richard Marver
> Quantifying the outcomes of NRM investment in improved grazing land management – Paul Webb
First Nations and Water – Paul McDonald
Discussion Panel – Chris Norman and Andrew Drysdale
Discussion Panel – Heather Channon, John Hodgon, Glen Landsberg
> Managing in a variable climate – Kate Urquhart
Adoption of Technology – Josh Nicholls & Chris Poole
Conserving threatened species beside primary production, it’s all about partnerships – John Hodgon
Tackling biodiversity impacts from feral pigs – we’re stronger together – Heather Channon
; Restoring floodplain function in the Rangelands of South West Queensland – Glen Landsberg
The Power of Partnerships at a National Level – Chris Norman;
The ‘good’ and ‘bad’ of rangeland’s Natural Resource Management policy – Andrew Drysdale
Success and challenges for the rangelands – Tony Hill;
> Do we really need to burn the bushes? – Robyn Cowley
Discussion Panel – Bob Shepherd, Fran Lyons, Susan Orgill and Robyn Cowley/td>
; Rangelands rehydration; a landscape scale approach to increase groundcover and soil carbon – Paul Theakston & Susan Orgill
Aboriginal cultural site protection – a three way collaboration – Paul Theakston
Discussion Panel – Josh Gorringe, Paul Theakston and Paul McDonald
; Reconnecting with country through traditional knowledge and science – Josh Gorringe
First Nations and Water – Paul McDonald
Discussion Panel – Chris Kiernan , Riley Rocco and Hayley McMillan
Landholder led Conservation in the Rangelands – Riley Rocco
How do on-farm improvements affect your environmental stewardship credentials? – Hayley McMillan
Sustainable road corridor land management in central western Queensland – Chris Kiernan
Conserving threatened species beside primary production, it’s all about partnerships – John Hodgon
How Mental Fitness Helps On-ground Decision Making – Tim Driscol
Social identity in two rural communities – a prison or a path – Seleena Ham
Pathways to Adoption – Mitchell Plumbe
A Generative New Deal for the Outback – John Brisbin
Clicked or dismissed? How to write a well-read e-newsletter article – Jodie Ward
Discussion Panel – David Phelps, Seleena Ham, Anna Cochrane and Tim Driscoll
Discussion Panel – Mitchell Plumbe, Jodie Ward and John Brisbin
Modern Leadership in the Australian Pastoral Industry – Anna Cochrane

Featured Talks & Speakers

We have a full program ready to inform, inspire, and equip you. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to be part of the conversation, register today.

Ross Garnaut

Ross is a world class speaker who advises in the political, economic and agricultural fields. He will provide great insight into what may lie ahead for the rangelands of Australia.

Dalene Wray

Managing Director of OBE Organic® Australia’s first exporter of certified organic beef. Dalene is a major force for improving the sustainability of the Australian beef industry.

Tony Hill

Tony teaches Holistic Management and is an accredited professional with the Savory Institute. He has a background in economics, policy making, regional development, ecology and biodiversity.

Josh Gorringe

A proud Mithaka man, Josh has been instrumental in helping his indigenous community to deliver large scale projects that involve caring for the land.

Mike Berwick

The Senior Policy Advisor for GreenCollar, Mike has a long history in the NRM sector both as a farmer and as chair of the Wet Tropics region and the Queensland Collective of 14 regions.

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